California Hotel and Casino at a Glance

The Vegas Strip has over the passed decades become more and more intrinsically connected with the land based casino gaming experience. With its many different casinos and hotels offering a variety of themed experiences, players venturing to this casino haven truly have a wide selection. Even with the rapid rise of online casino gaming sweeping across the world, the sheer grandeur of this place surpasses anything digital.

One such casino that has graced the Strip for nigh on 40 years is the California Hotel and Casino, a Hawaiian themed casino paradise with ranges of suites, stunning décor and of course many a casino game. This lavish place hosts several exciting events, supports many an exciting enterprise and ultimately provides the players with the best possible gaming experience and atmosphere they can. Worth a visit, as most of the casinos on the Strip tend to be.

A Little History and Detail

The Vegas Strip is well known for its historic casinos, places that have set the tone in the casino gaming industry and continue to do so. The California Hotel and Casino is no different, having opened its doors in 1975 and since then grown in size and available options. The person responsible for this is one Sam Boyd, owner of Boyd Gaming and this hotel and casino.

The notable factor here is that despite its age this casino has never changed proprietary hands since its inception, which displays a good financial operation as well as a large player support. One of the factors that created such support was Boyd’s decision to theme the casino toward Tue Hawaiian style, offering delicacies and other culture experiences to this tune as well as bonkers and rewards to Hawaiian players coming across from the island. This definitely created a following, and to date approximately 85 per cent of the Hawaiian players stay at a Boyd property.

California Hotel and Casino has got more though than just a relaxed and inviting theme though and across their hotel towers they offer nearly 800 rooms for visitors to stay. This of course includes most hotel amenities, as this is quite a lavish establishment. There are also several other, broad reaching, activities on offer apart from the casino games and so a whole, well rounded, experience comes together.

More on the Games and the Gaming

So far the California Hotel and Casino owned by Boyd Gaming has shown itself to be uniquely well themed, offering a range of activities and just generally setting an incredible atmosphere. However the players wants to know about the gaming offered here and understandably so, as this is largely the point of visiting a casino. This establishment hosts almost 8000 metres squared of gaming space and this is filled with all manner of game and bet. On the list are of course the slot machines most players enjoy, offering some spins with all manner of theme and bonus combinations. There are also a wide range of table games available in this gaming space, with the classics like Poker, Blackjack and Roulette just being a few of the options.