The Bullfighter Returns Casino Slot in Detail

Some years ago, Aristocrat (Pty) Ltd, as the manufacturer of so many ‘brick and mortar’ slots, decided to protect their marketing edge in the regions where these casinos populate the real-life casino rooms and betting parlours. As a consequence, there are vast swathes of online slots, and pokies, aficionados, who cannot access Aristocrat slots online in their areas. Most online casinos therefore publish Aristocrat ‘alternatives’ lists of slots games that online players can indulge in.

These alternatives may have many features of the Aristocrat slots, but seldom are able to replicate the full experience of that particular slot machine. The best advice, therefore, is to go to the nearest available ‘brick and mortar’ casino and enjoy the original reel-spinning thrills that Aristocrat slots provide. In many cases, however, Aristocrat slots like Bullfighter Returns slot machine online can be played for free, and although not for real money, free slots play on a well-designed and entertaining machine can be fairly entertaining.

The Slot Machine Specifically

The Bullfighter Returns is classic Aristocrat real money slot for Android entertainment. Five reels and 25 paylines of well-designed virtual casino play, aimed at a specific market. In the case of Bullfighter Returns the game is aimed at high rollers and each spin is effectively a high stakes game. Gameplay on Bullfighter Returns starts at 0.5 coins, and over 25 paylines the minimum stake is therefore fairly high.

The upsides of this game, however, start with the rise of Reel Power games, and the broad range of betting options that are available, and the fact that Aristocrat has successfully kept things simple. Added to that is the simple gambling reality that high bets also naturally also mean high prizes. The jackpot amount available to be won, and displayed just above the Bullfighter Returns play cabinet. As play develops these jackpot amounts update dynamically as the bets increase.

Theme and Symbols

Bullfighter Returns online slots game is, despite the name, something of a rarity, for bullfighting themed slots games are certainly not common. The theme of the game and the symbols on the reels as well as the general décor are therefore clear. The featured characters and reel symbols are obviously led by the bullfighter and the bull itself, and are suitably accompanied by the bullfighting accoutrements of guitars, gold coins, and the standard playing card icons. In essence, as well as functionally and understanding-wise the game is simple, direct clear. The biggest range of variation in Bullfighter Returns are the betting options.

Bonuses, Features and Free Spins

Like most wilds in internet casino slots at, the Wild symbol in Bullfighter Returns video slots is available to substitute for any other symbol in order to create winning combinations, and clearly improves the payout rate quite significantly. Especially since it is available during the base game as well as the free play bonus games. The Scatter symbol in Bullfighter Returns, much like Scatter symbols in many slots games, is the trigger for the bonus round. Bullfighter Returns retains much of the original simplicity by allowing players to focus on limited features in a more intense fashion. The bonus round, in Bullfighter Returns is delivered as a maximum of eight free spins. Nevertheless, due to the reasonably high game payout rate and the limited number of bonus features, the Scatter symbols appear with surprising regularity. Winnings therefore need to be accumulated over time to consistently ensure winning at Bullfighter Returns.

A Quick Introduction to Crown Gems Online Slot

This simple, fun slot developed by Barcrest Software developers removes all the frills and complex slot rules to bring forth this easy-to-use, high paying slot machine to the forefront of online gaming. Embracing the traditional old-type slot titles, the Crown Gems slot machine adds in some fresh sounds, clear graphics and high pay-outs to make for an enjoyable slot title.

This Crown Gems slot machine comprises five reels and 10 fixed pay lines, which means all pay lines have to be played and cannot be lowered.

A Plethora of Betting Options

Wagers can be placed according to players’ bank balances and personal preferences. With a large array of betting options, players can enjoy 18 different ways to bet per spin.

The lowest american sports betting option is 0.01 coins per line, with the maximum bet set at 50 coins per line. With this in mind, high rollers can enjoy 500 coins per spin on the Crown Gems slot machine.

Crown Gems Slot Reel Symbols

As the slot title suggests, the Crown Gems slot machine comprises gems of the sparkly kind on its reels. Players can encounter a variety of gems on the reels, from rubies, sapphires and emeralds, among others. The crown in the slot game is the highest symbol offering the biggest rewards.

Landing five of the crown symbols on the reels at one time will award the player with 5000 times their initial stake – the ultimate prize of the slot game. Landing four crowns on the reels will pay out 500 coins.

Other Symbols Explained

The second highest symbol in the game is the red gem symbol. Five red gems will pay out 500 coins while four of these symbols together on the reels will pay out 200 coins. The blue gem and the green gem follow in value respectively, with five of either gem paying out 400 coins.

If a player gets three matching traditional card symbols on the reels, they will claim 10 times their initial stake.  Five of them on the reels will multiply the bet by 200 times. Landing five of the emerald symbols or the sapphire symbols will reward the player with 400 times their initial wager. Five rubies at once on the reels will reward the player with 500 times their initial wager.

Pay-outs on the Crown Gems slot machine are from left to right and winning symbols in amounts of three can start anywhere on the reels, not specifically the first reel.

Modern Ways of Gaming on the Go

While playing slot machines online offers convenient gaming on the go, whenever and wherever, it also comes with all the benefits associated with playing on top-notch mobile devices. Barcrest Software developed and rendered the Crown Gems online slots, so they could be played on most mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, and Android and on and desktop PCs. Most iOS and Android devices are compatible with this game’s software.

The Crown Gems slot machine is available in free, instant mode and in real money mode. A no download option is available for players wanting to playing in Flash, HTML or in browser.

Experience Gambling at Online Casinos in Australia!

The online casinos Australia offers players are among the best in the world and their first rate entertainment options are manifold. You will be able to pick and choose among some of the best games that the most illustrious casino game developers in the world are able to provide from a wide variety of platforms including mobile, and can remove wasted spare time from your life forever.

Don’t flick through a trashy tabloid while you wait in line to pay for your groceries, up the ante in a Texas hold ‘em game instead! Spin the reels in a great pokies game while you have your lunch, and make your way to 21 whenever you have a couple of moments to spare.

A Variety of Platforms Supported

You will be able to enjoy the fun of online casinos Australia from your Windows, Blackberry, Apple and Android devices, to name a few, and take advantage of customised applications that make the most of the specifications of your device while keeping your data charges to an absolute minimum. Let your handset provide an exciting way for you to put a little extra money in your pocket and whisk you off to the luxurious landscape that the online casinos that Australia has to offer are able to provide.

Creating your account is incredibly easy to do, and you will not need to start up a separate one for your mobile account. The incredibly sophisticated software the online casinos Australia has to offer make use of is more than capable of detecting how you are accessing your account, and you can look forward to a seamless casino game experience no matter how you prefer to play.

Your online safety is guaranteed by the state of the art 128 bit data encryption technology these websites make use of, and online casinos Australia are able to ensure that your sensitive information is kept free from danger at all times.

Finding a Good Australian Casino

Researching the online casinos that Australia offers is very easy to do, and players do not need to waste endless hours creating lists of pros and cons in order to enjoy a game or two. There are many websites totally dedicated to the task of helping you decide where to play, and you will see all the most important information outlined for you in an easy to read format that helps you pick quickly and easily.

Details on where the online casinos Australia makes available are licensed and registered will be offered, as well as real players’ experiences of the customer care levels they provide. Don’t waste a moment of your valuable time undergoing less than first rate service, and steer clear of fly by night operations with ease. Thanks to the information casino players have at the tips of their fingers on the World Wide Web it is far more difficult for less than scrupulous online casinos to operate, and you need never worry about the online casinos Australia offers will be taking advantage of you in any way.

An Exclusive Guide to Playing Cubana Tropicana Online Slot

If you are in the mood for a holiday but you can’t afford it, Cubana Tropicana could be the answer for you. This Cuban themed slot from Games OS offers an exciting trip to the sunshine and sand of the Cuban beaches. Cubana tropicana features five reels and twenty five pay lines with a host of bonus features, one of which is Rum based. There are free spins and wilds to take advantage of as well as the unique dating bonus feature where you get to take a beautiful lady for a drink.

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Football Cup Online Slot at a Glance for You

The Football Cup slot was designed to tie in with the world cup football. This online slot by Games OS features computer generated graphics. This gives the game a very unique feel graphical that is a nice change from the usual two dimensional look of most online slot games. The game also takes a humorous approach to the look of each player, with each country represented by a single player on the slot reels.

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A Detailed Introduction to Video Poker for Players

The very name of the game gives us an idea of what it is about. Coming up in the 70s, Video Poker is something all the gamblers love to have a shot on. Much like a slots machine, video poker is played on a very similar computer controlled console. The game is based on the classic 5 card draw poker, wherein you are given 5 cards, out of which you may exchange one or some cards, and then the chart for different winning combinations is checked to see if your hand has won you a fortune or at least something. These combinations are displayed on what we call as the “pay table”.

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California Hotel and Casino at a Glance

The Vegas Strip has over the passed decades become more and more intrinsically connected with the land based casino gaming experience. With its many different casinos and hotels offering a variety of themed experiences, players venturing to this casino haven truly have a wide selection. Even with the rapid rise of online casino gaming sweeping across the world, the sheer grandeur of this place surpasses anything digital.

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A Look at Midnight Lucky Sky Online Slot Features

One of the most unique traditions that have come out of China is the use of fireworks to celebrate religious festivals and important events. The night skies will be lit up with explosions to celebrate reincarnation of deities, to ward off evil spirits or to symbolically destroy the old and usher in the new. Midnight Lucky Sky is themed around these events. An online slot game by Games OS, Midnight Lucky Sky has five reels and twenty pay lines.

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