Merry Xmas Online Slot Basics for Casino Players

The theme of this one is fairly self-explanatory, with a title Merry Xmas, clearly indicating the festive ties that very special religious holiday. As such, players can expect all manner of festive apparel to adorn this slot game and with developers Play’n Go behind the construction of these reels there is also a few added cosmetic features to drive the theme of this slot game home. These include some respectable graphics, a wide range of different symbols on the reels as well as additional supporting features like a pine tree forest in the snow as a backdrop and of course rather merry sound effects to go along with these festivities.

Apart from the gay apparel this Merry Xmas slot has characteristically donned, the gameplay of the game is what will be largely featured when players end up actually plying this slot and so in this regard should take centre stage. Here players will find a set of 5 reels, with 3 rows of symbols running across them. There are up to 15 pay lines available, which while not necessarily broad, couple well with the other betting options available to give players of varying wallet sizes a proper chance to play. As far as festive themed bonus features go in this online slot game, there aren’t all too many of them but with multiplying Wilds and a Pick’em bonus game players won’t find themselves too put off by this.

Discussing the Yule Tide Theme in Place

The theme of Christmas is likely meant to instil those jovial feelings and the overall atmosphere of such a time onto the reels in play, which combined makes for a little bit of betting action and a little bit of fun presentation. Again, the graphics of this Merry Xmas slot game from Play’n Go is quite great, with the symbols and backdrop being clearly noticeable even if played on smaller resolution screens. The sound effects are well themed, and whilst the repetitive nature of these sounds can become slightly tedious, with enough wins hitting the reels this won’t even be noticed.

Of course a large role, in both generalised theme presentation and specifically this theme on the reels of Merry Xmas slot, is the symbols themselves. In this slot the symbols are perhaps the most detailed thematic aspects to be found, and consist of several familiar sights regarding this particular chosen theme. These include bells, mulled wine, candles and even Santa Clause and his reindeer. These are of course also responsible for the majority of wins available in this slot game.

Focusing on the Merry Xmas Bonus Features

Unlike offers in many slot machines at this link, the bonus features of this Merry Xmas slot aren’t exactly plentiful in number but consist of some decent benefits. These include a multiplying Wild, which is simply represented on the reels with the multiplier it is offering. These symbols only appear on the middle reel but with the ability to substitute for the other base game symbols on top of multiplying this symbol can be quite valuable.

The other bonus in Merry Xmas slot is a simple pick’em style bonus game, where players must land the yellow, green and gold boxes on reels 1, 2 and 3 respectively. This then allows players to pick one of these boxes to revel an additional prize, which just adds to the potential on the reels.