An Exclusive Guide to Playing Cubana Tropicana Online Slot

If you are in the mood for a holiday but you can’t afford it, Cubana Tropicana could be the answer for you. This Cuban themed slot from Games OS offers an exciting trip to the sunshine and sand of the Cuban beaches. Cubana tropicana features five reels and twenty five pay lines with a host of bonus features, one of which is Rum based. There are free spins and wilds to take advantage of as well as the unique dating bonus feature where you get to take a beautiful lady for a drink.

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Football Cup Online Slot at a Glance for You

The Football Cup slot was designed to tie in with the world cup football. This online slot by Games OS features computer generated graphics. This gives the game a very unique feel graphical that is a nice change from the usual two dimensional look of most online slot games. The game also takes a humorous approach to the look of each player, with each country represented by a single player on the slot reels.

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A Detailed Introduction to Video Poker for Players

The very name of the game gives us an idea of what it is about. Coming up in the 70s, Video Poker is something all the gamblers love to have a shot on. Much like a slots machine, video poker is played on a very similar computer controlled console. The game is based on the classic 5 card draw poker, wherein you are given 5 cards, out of which you may exchange one or some cards, and then the chart for different winning combinations is checked to see if your hand has won you a fortune or at least something. These combinations are displayed on what we call as the “pay table”.

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California Hotel and Casino at a Glance

The Vegas Strip has over the passed decades become more and more intrinsically connected with the land based casino gaming experience. With its many different casinos and hotels offering a variety of themed experiences, players venturing to this casino haven truly have a wide selection. Even with the rapid rise of online casino gaming sweeping across the world, the sheer grandeur of this place surpasses anything digital.

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A Look at Midnight Lucky Sky Online Slot Features

One of the most unique traditions that have come out of China is the use of fireworks to celebrate religious festivals and important events. The night skies will be lit up with explosions to celebrate reincarnation of deities, to ward off evil spirits or to symbolically destroy the old and usher in the new. Midnight Lucky Sky is themed around these events. An online slot game by Games OS, Midnight Lucky Sky has five reels and twenty pay lines.

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Merry Xmas Online Slot Basics for Casino Players

The theme of this one is fairly self-explanatory, with a title Merry Xmas, clearly indicating the festive ties that very special religious holiday. As such, players can expect all manner of festive apparel to adorn this slot game and with developers Play’n Go behind the construction of these reels there is also a few added cosmetic features to drive the theme of this slot game home. These include some respectable graphics, a wide range of different symbols on the reels as well as additional supporting features like a pine tree forest in the snow as a backdrop and of course rather merry sound effects to go along with these festivities.

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