Throwing Light on Oracle Casino for Players

Not only is Malta well known as a holiday destination, it is also renowned for being a great spot in which people from all over the world come to try out the excellent casino facilities. While this country may be a small one, it certainly packs a big punch in terms of its beautiful beaches and state-of-the-art casinos. One such establishment is the Oracle Casino, located in Bugibba. Over the past few years, this casino has established itself as a leader in its field. Suave, upmarket and with plenty of games on offer, thousands of visitors flock through its doors every year. For more information on the games on offer at this casino, take a look at our list below.


Of course, no casino worth its salt would be complete without the addition of a few poker tables. The Oracle Casino has plenty of them, and even goes so far as to offer players a variety of different kinds of poker. The casino has a dedicated poker room where players can go to just to enjoy a game or two or participate in one of the weekly poker tournaments hosted there. Furthermore, this casino also has its own set of house rules in place so as to ensure that the high standards they have pertaining to poker never slip.

Sports Betting

The Oracle Casino was the first to introduce a dedicated betting lounge to Malta. Here, players can bet on many of the world’s most popular sports as a means to not only win some extra money, but also show their support for their favourite teams and players. This lounge boasts 13 large screens, each of which displays a different prominent sporting event from various parts of the world. The options focussed on here include the likes of horse racing, dog racing, rugby, handball, tennis, volleyball and soccer, to name a few.

Slot Machines

There is nothing quite like the thrill that a slot machine can bring, which is exactly why the Oracle Casino has 205 of them for players to choose from. These games are perfect for casual players who are simply looking to try their luck. When compared to a host of other casino games, slot machines don’t necessarily require too much strategy, but they do make for plenty of entertainment. Furthermore, they often also come with great graphics and excellent soundtracks attached to them so they certainly help to contribute towards creating the perfect atmosphere.

At the end of the day, the Oracle Casino has all the makings of a classic casino, as it offers players a wide range of exciting games to choose from. So whether a player is looking for a few casual rounds on the slot machines, or perhaps wants to place a bet on their favourite soccer team or even participate in a poker tournament, they will certainly find it at this casino as it has something exciting to offer almost every kind of player.